Going Above & Beyond

Email from a guest that he also sent to the CEO of Best Western, David Kong:

Dear Best Western Team,

We thought it important to contact you regarding our experience at your Best Western Heritage Inn property in Bellingham Washington, specifically relating to your night audit manager, Robert.

Around 2:00AM Sunday August 1st, we arrived at your hotel after an 18 hour day on planes and in airports, after being abandoned by our airline in Seattle. A cancellation at 10:00PM, no airline provided accommodation in Seattle and other problems brought us to Bellingham in a hastily rented car, looking for a place to stay until we could pick up our car at the Park and Fly the next morning.
As it turns out, there was no vacancy at your hotel. Robert spent 30 minutes calling every hotel in 3 towns with us to no avail, helped us locate our local rental car office for our return the next day and then ultimately when it became clear that we had no place to sleep that night, found us pillows and blankets to use in our car, and directed us to park in an area of your lot where we could sleep and he could watch us via CCTV.

While we wanted to be customers, we were not, and unforeseen circumstances brought us to you at an unheard of hour – as a business you had no obligation to us whatsoever. The consideration and treatment we received was better than that offered by the businesses who did have us in their care that day, and we were extremely impressed and grateful for Robert’s genuine care to improve our situation (even if we did end up trying to sleep in our car that unpleasant night). To say this reflected well on your business would be an understatement; even if hospitality is your entire purpose Robert went over and above, and has created customers for life in a hotel segment where we have a lot of choice – we truly hope he is recognized.

Thanks very much,

Cleve N.

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